The Twisted 50

So in 2015 I entered a story in the Twisted 50 competition. The blurb was simple: 2,000 words – not a word more – to create a chilling short story for an anthology of 50 tales. Challenge accepted.

One of the really exciting things about the competition was the writing community it established – the rules dictated you had to read and feedback on at least 3 stories in order to have yours accepted. Pretty clever, mostly because a) it made you care about the project, and b) you started sweating it: if these stories were that good, what stance did yours have?

I was lucky. Of the 400+ stories that were entered, mine was one of the 50 to make it to the final book. Exciting stuff, first published work, etc. especially when you look at some of the other content up there.

Their website is here. Check it out. They’re some of the most hard working people, trying to make a name for themselves in a collaborative and creative field. They deserve every success they can get.

Oh, and while I’m sharing links, check this out. I got not only a bio (okay, it’s my standard “about” blurb, I should definitely get something new) but a blog post, too! Give the blog post a read, if you’d be so kind. I quite liked writing it and seeing as I put it all there, it makes more sense to get you to read that than to re-write it all here. I know, I’m lazy.

But yeah, Twisted 50, great stuff. I’ll give it another crack, and if you like writing, I think you should, too.


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