Well, I’m back

So I set this up a while ago with the best of intentions of doing… something. This was going to be a site to promote my writing, put together some useful links for stories, etc. etc.

Anyway, my general opinion on writing about writing (or not writing) is that it’s probably time better spent, um, writing. For me, anyway. I don’t get much time. And truth be told, I’m not the best at promoting my own work. Hence why I thought getting an agent would be the way forward. It still might be, but for now I’m going to give this a try too.

So here’s Aurora, self published:

Next up is proofing Avalonne, the second book in the All Worlds Unseen series. It’s gonna be a slog, but it’ll be worth it.

Now I just need a decent signoff for these sort of posts. I’m learning as I go.



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