This is not an especially beautiful website. That’s because I’m not a web designer, I’m a self-publishing writer who can barely operate a computer.

They say don’t judge a book by its cover. I’m sure the phrase don’t judge an author by his website is just as profound and will certainly stand the test of time.

About me (in the third person for reasons I’m not really sure of)

A lifelong fan of film and television, Nick studied Film at Brunel University, received a Masters in Screenwriting at Westminster University, and has worked for the BBC for the last ten years.
He writes whenever he can (which is quite a lot of the time) and has self published 2 volumes of his young adult fantasy series, All Worlds Unseen, under the titles Aurora and Avalonne. He has also released a sci-fi novel, Space Suits and a comic, Norm’s Attempt.
He has been lucky enough to have had 2 short stories published as part of the Twisted50 series and will happily submit stories to them until they finally see him for the fraud he is.

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